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An ugly monkey is sitting on the back of a generation, wrapping its beastly hands over their eyes. It’s Charles Darwin’s fantasy of evolution—the unscientific, unproven, and unprovable theory masquerading as true science, telling this sinful world that they are mere animals with no moral accountability. This godless belief flies directly in the face of the truths of Scripture, that God made us in His image. So how can we unmask this beast and remove its hands? Join us for “Evolution Exposed” to learn how to do just that.

(Eleven 15-minute sessions + 60 min. live Q&A panel session. MP4. No Closed-Captions or Subtitles.)

Hear eleven top creation speakers, each using the popular “TED-Talk” presentation style, sharing the cream of the crop in fifteen minutes. These potent knowledge bombs will help you see the science behind creationism, dispel popular evolution myths, and build your faith in a wonderful Creator.

Speakers include Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Dr. Jason Lisle, Del Tackett, Dan Biddle, Bryan Osborne, Eric Hovind, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, John Harris, and Tim Chaffey. The event will conclude with an hour-long Q&A panel, where we’ll take your questions live.

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