Million Pound Note Tracts

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One of Living Waters' most popular tract that will make people smile whilst giving them the Gospel.


Size: 142mm x 74mm

Sold in packs of 100 (eg 5 packs = 500 tracts)


Text on the back:

What’s most valuable to you? Money, health, eyesight, your soul? How about this million-pound question: If Heaven exists, are you good enough to go there? Have you ever lied, stolen anything, lusted or used God's name in vain - even once? If you have, you will be guilty on Judgement Day and you'll end up in God's prison He calls Hell. But the Bible says God is rich in mercy and offered a way out of Hell and into Heaven. Imagine you have £1 million debt that you cannot repay but someone steps in and pays it for you. That's what Jesus did on the cross. He paid our legal debt (sin) to God and rose from the dead defeating death. He came to pay our fine on the cross for us so that we can spend eternity with Him. To receive this free gift, we must repent (turn from all sin) and trust in Jesus alone. Nothing is more valuable than your soul. Not even £1 million!

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Customer Reviews

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Daniel Mihet 23 May 2023

Thank you so much for the king Charles notes. It gave our church the opportunity to reach out to 1000 people and spurred up the passion to share the gospel having great conversations with unbelievers in a clear concise way by the method of bad news - good news of approach. Unfortunately in Scotland people are not fond of the monarchy and the king's picture put them off from accepting the note. It's expected that the new notes will be more efficient here. ❤️🙏☝️

Vincent McCann
Best tracts ever!

I love these tracts and have used them for some time. Great to keep in your wallet or purse like real money so you have always got them with you. Just keep looking for, and praying about, opportunities to place them and get imaginative. Can be placed all over, and people do read these!

Very useful....

These are wonderful little items. Leave them on the bus seat, put them in the postal box or post them back in all them pre paid junk mail envelopes. They will always attract attention simply because seeing money of any sort appearing in front of you will get your attention. The aim - to sow a seed in a persons mind or even water a seed that's previously been sown. Only eternity will reveal the fruit...

If you believe it will be true

Thank you for giving me the note. I got it on a very sunny day and it gave me a cheerful mood straight away. I was holding a cup of coffee and walking out from a church, the sweat church lady hand it with other leaves together to me...

I felt it could be a real moment to me, the same as the moment my ex-husband asked me to marry him, the moment my grandparents told me they will let me have a property, the moment I received a professional job offer, etc.

Have a great day and a great future of your life.


Always on my wallet

These gospel tracts are awesome
I always have them in my wallet and leave tips when shopping
People confuse them with the £10 note
During the 2019 easter, I was wearing a Bunny costume wishing everyone a happy Easter and handing out the tracts
A total of around 12.000 notes, people were expecting to receive the £10 note but most of them laughed and kept the note
I have used these notes in so many ways, I love them because are such a blessing for the Sower you can leave them anywhere and people will take them thinking £10 or from pure curiosity, I'm using them almost daily and will continue to use them
Thank you
God bless