Christmas Million Pound Notes

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These million pound tracts have been designed to be more 'Christmas-friendly'. 

Sold in packs of 100 (eg 5 packs = 500 tracts)

On the back:

"What is the significance of Christmas? Why celebrate the birth of someone who was brutally killed? To find out, let's see if Jesus' birth was necessary. Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything, lusted or used God's name in vain - even once? If you have, you will be
guilty on Judgement Day and you'll end up in God's prison He calls Hell. But the Bible says God is rich in mercy and offered a way out of Hell and into Heaven. Imagine you have £1 million debt that you cannot repay but someone steps in and pays it for you. That's what Jesus did on the cross. He paid our legal debt (sin) to God and rose from the dead defeating death. That's the reason why we celebrate His birth. He came to pay our fine on the cross for us so that we can spend eternity with Him. To receive this free gift, we must repent (turn from all sin) and trust in Jesus alone. Nothing is more valuable than your soul. Not even £1 million!" 

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