The Way of the Master - Season 1 (Video Download)

The Way of the Master - Season 1 (Video Download)

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The Way of the Master television program -- Complete First Season:

The Firefighter
The Mirror of the Ten Commandments
The Motive of the Sinner
The Summary of Salvation
Practice What You Preach
The Darling Sin of Humanity
The Beauty of a Broken Spirit -- Atheism
Blasphemy, Sabbath & Parents
Lie & Covet

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"Thanks to Kirk and Ray for seeking to motivate believers to fulfill the Great Commission, and for staying true to the biblical message of repentance from sin and forgiveness in Christ."
-- John MacArthur

"The Way of the Master is a fresh new television program that grabs your attention from the opening scene and sustains it throughout the entire program. The interviews with people on the street are a vivid revelation of the terrible need people have for the Christ of the Gospel. I was encouraged and motivated, and you will be too."
-- David Jeremiah

"I love this television show."
-- Janet Parshall (Janet Parshall's America)

Previous Customer Reviews:

reviewed by: Nathan3P
March 23, 2013
Thank you so much for this transforming series. I do not know where I would be if it wasn't for this series.
It showed me just how simple witnessing can be when you have the right tools for it. Thanks a million!

reviewed by: kjvwog
August 15, 2010
We were part of the 1970's "I FOUND IT" campaign and have been active in evangelism ever since. The "Way of The Master" approach is the CORRECT way to witness to the world!
Tom and Gayle Allen

reviewed by: EFLeese
May 24, 2010
This course has really lit the fire up under us. We are so thankful to Livingwaters for the work that they have done .

reviewed by: Anonymous
July 30, 2009
Great material! It transformed my christian walk. Keep up the good work!

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