The Atheist Test - Swedish

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Sold in packs of 100 (eg 5 packs = 500 tracts)

Here are several tests which will cause any atheist to doubt their faith!

They are  127mm x 87mm and folded (similar format as 'Comic - Are you a good person?')

Can't see the image very well? Right click the image and select 'Save image as' to download. Once saved you can zoom in.

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Customer Reviews

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Rikard in Sweden
Incorrect translation!

The pictures is from the first version, but it is out of stock. The second version is not the same word as the first version. Both the first and second versions have errors, but the first version was much better. Contact me for correction if you intend to reprint this amazing tract.


Ett fantastiskt traktat. Men det innehåller några fel. Bl.a. budorden på sidan sju. Det står "Har du någonsin tillbett otillbörligen? istället för "Du skall inte missbruka Herrens, din Guds namn" Jag kan inte dela ut detta traktatet. Tyvärr. Kontakta mig om ni önskar hjälp med vilka ändringar som behövs göras innan ni tycker traktat på nytt. Jag har använt Living Waters traktater sedan 2005 och kan konceptet. Hälsningar,

Very good, but unfortunately some small misses.

It's very good and interesting, and makes it very clear that nothing cannot create anything! However, it seems that some proofreading would have fixed some small misses, such as a missing letter, a missing word, a word that is repeated, and a word that is misspelled. Despite this, I really like it, and gives it away.