Save Yourself Some Pain - Booklet

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A booklet designed for follow-up of a new convert or young Christian.
(32-page booklet) 

Pain can be a cruel teacher. Good advice heeded can make its bitter instruction unnecessary. A few moments of time taken in reading the pages of this little booklet could save you a lifetime of regret. 

Topics include:
Daily Bible Reading
Spiritual Warfare
Water Baptism
Giving to God
Previous Customer Reviews

reviewed by: eubby
November 28, 2011
Great tool to explain "true Salvation" to anyone!

reviewed by: ChrisYarzab
October 09, 2010
This booklet is a very important tool to help you encourage someone that you have just shared the Good News with. You've planted the seed and with this booklet you will also help water the seed while knowing that God causes the growth.

reviewed by: timmolter
December 04, 2009
This is by far the best tract to use for both so called Christians and fruit bearing Christians. This is because the Save Yourself Some Pain tract explains the Gospel in the first few pages to make sure the person is soundly saved. I have seen this tract read by so many people inside the Church who tu
and trust in Jesus. Also our Church hands these out at our adult ministry events.

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Customer Reviews

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Save Yourself Some Pain

I first got one of these little booklets a number of years ago. They are great to give to new believers. It helps to set them on the right track. We are told to make desciples, but it isn't always possible to desciple people ourselves. Giving this little booklet is then such a great recourse.

Thank you for your feedback, Marilyn!

Matthew Hamilton
Very Useful

Very useful when someone Is looking to know more about our Lord Jesus Christ. It is something we should have . Reason for this as we can present the Gospel to them first then if the Lord is working within them. We need to give them this if they come to saving faith and repentance in our Lord Jesus Christ. This will help them grow more. Will be ordering more in the future. God willing.

Thanks David

Colossians 3:23

Thank you for this, Matthew. So glad to hear it's such a useful tool for you, as it is for us when we go out as well. God bless you.