Mark Twain - A Christian Response to His Battle With God

Mark Twain - A Christian Response to His Battle With God

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(Softcover, 160 pages) 

Don’t be fooled by the title of this book (it had to be softened for the Christian market). But this is a book about sex. It begins by stating that according to the Bible, God started the human race by creating a naked couple and commanding them to have sex. That's kind of embarrassing, but it's true. 

Although Mark Twain believed in God, he didn't believe that the Bible was the Creator's Word. In fact, he hated the God revealed in the Scriptures--the One who spoke against adultery and fornication. He bemoaned the fact that not being allowed to commit adultery was "cruelly hard." 

If you've ever wondered where certain well-known atheists were grounded in their eloquent and venomous railings against the heavens, look no further. Mark Twain is the illegitimate founding father of modern atheism. He's "illegitimate" because he wasn't an atheist. He was fascinatingly brilliant but very confused when it came to spirituality. 

This book addresses his deep-rooted anger at God because (according to him) there's no sex in Heaven, his own self-imposed and personal sexual problems (what caused them), and among other things his misguided understanding of faith and 101 other natural repercussions of not believing God's Word. 

Ray Comfort searches through volumes of Twain’s writings to develop a comprehensive answer to this profound writer of the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and a man who suffered much. Discover Twain’s arguments with God and a powerful response that helps strengthen your faith and understanding of our loving Creator! 

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