Living Waters YouTube card

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Sold in packs of 100

Here’s an easy way to get someone interested in visiting a Christian YouTube channel that faithfully presents the biblical gospel.

Just say, “Excuse me . . . do you like dogs?” Around 99.9% of people say that they do. Then you add, “You may like to check out this site (hand them the card). It has over 100 million views.”

Almost everyone is impressed by that many views, laughs when they see Sam the dog wearing sunglasses, and says, “I will check this out!”

Card size: 3.5" x 2" (~8.9cm x 5cm)

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Customer Reviews

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saffron sharpe

Excellent quick easy way to teach the lost, doesn’t look like a gospel tract which is a good thing!!

Helen Montgomery
Excellent fun photo with the Dig and Ray.

Makes people smile and laugh. Modern and relevant for young people especially who use the internet. Colourful and eye catching. Another successful, creative and brilliant design team creation. Well done team. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️😊

Dog tracts.

Yes these Dog Tracts are amazing, most people receive them willingly, in fact I got some for a friend of mine who also goes out tracting .
He lives next door to a school so he set up a large toy Dulux Dog ,he has a box on a gate with the tracts in for parents and passers by help them selves , oh and yes the Dog wears sun glasses, and he has a dish of water for real dogs, cute idea .


These have gone down well face to face and are an excellent size for surprise planking!

DON'T be scared - It's easy

Don't be scared or frightened if you have not given out tracts, leaflets or theses cards out before. It's easy. When I see a dog-walker (or walkers), I usually say "I can see you like dogs" (you could add "you might like this") and hand them the card which they willingly take. That's it, apart from prayer! (If you don't wish to engage in conversation because you are shy or inexperienced, you don't have to). I need to order some more! Please re-stock.