Evolution vs. God Companion Guide Download (PDFs)

Evolution vs. God Companion Guide Download (PDFs)

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Format: Adobe Acrobat (PDF). 

This is the download page of a special, Evolution vs. God Companion Guide, with questions for reflection/discussion. 
Part 1 provides more information about evolution, arming you with additional evidence to refute the statements made by the professors and students on the video. 
Part 2 will help equip you to share the gospel confidently and biblically. Includes a fascinating "behind the scenes" write-up of how Ray managed to get such unique interviews with evolutionary scientists.
As a bonus, you will also receive a download (PDF) of Ray's book, Jaws Without Teeth. More than 200 questions and objections with short, common-sense responses to those who embrace the foolishness of atheism and the unscientific, unobservable blind faith of evolution. 
"Once again, Ray Comfort shows us how to take our faith to the streets. His answers to atheists are direct and bold, and yet love and concern flows from every response. This book will not only help the Christian to be a better witness, but it is also an encouragement and joy to read." Paul Washer
As an additional bonus, you will also receive a download (PDF) of Ray's most important book, God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life 

"While reading this book my heart went into atrial fibrillation; it's that good! After I finished it, I couldn't sleep. There's nothing like it. It is truly from God." Author/evangelist Bill Fay (Share Jesus Without Fear)

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