The Bible Study Bookmark (2-in-1) How to study the Bible & book checklist

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Size: 180mm x 74mm

Sold individually (for example 5 quantities = 5 bookmarks)

Material: Writable Card



  1. Explains how to use proper interpretation methods.
  2. Helps keep record of which books in the Bible are yet to be read.

These bookmarks are great for:

  • Youth groups
  • Church resources
  • New Christians


Side 1 - Hermeneutics:

How we interpret the Bible is important. Getting it wrong can lead us down dark paths or even risk believing in heretical doctrines.

Thankfully much of this can be avoided through basic 'exegetical hermeneutics'. Don't let this fancy phrase intimidate you if you've never heard of it before. It's about the correct method of how to interpret the Bible. This bookmark will help you ask the right questions so you can get the true meaning out of the text in front of you.

Side 2 - Checklist:

Do you find yourself forgetting which books in the Bible you have read? Now you can keep track with what you're missing out on. But reading each book once isn't going to help you retain God's word compared to reading each book, say, 3 times. That's why we added 3 tick boxes.


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