Coronation Millions - King Charles III (1000 tracts!)

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Sold in bundles of 1,000. 

On May 6, 2023, millions are going to converge on the city of London for the coronation of King Charles III, and many millions more from around the world will be watching the coronation live. How incredible would it be if we were able to reach this unprecedented audience with the gospel?

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Customer Reviews

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Nigel Edwards
Coronation Charles 111 million note

I find this is excellent for getting to know people, it is nicely produced and of course the unsaved like to see anything concerning royalty, but of course it is a great way of giving folk the Gospel and that is what people need to hear. I give it out on a one to one basis, but often when people receive one you find that others get to know about it and want it. It is an excellent means in getting the Gospel out.

Dee Whyte
Great and really speak to people

We have many different tracts , and these seems very popular for younger people to relate too. I’ve had more interest in people taking these from me when out doing outreach

Martin Mackenzie
Brilliant outreach tool.

Very few people refuse these "bank notes". However, the "E" on "Eternity" does confuse people and I often have to explain the word.

Paula Highton
Always brings a bit of a bemused smile

I have noticed that people always respond with a bemused smile at first but you can see that they are intrigued. I have been leaving these tracts as well as the ‘are you a good person’ comic tracts around at work and people always take the money version


Have a similar look and feel like other plastic cash.