FullyFreeFilms.com Movie Card (updated!)

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FullyFreeFilms.com website contains all of the Living Waters feature films including The Atheist Delusion and Audacity. They are all available to watch for free. 


  • Sold in packs of 100 (eg 5 packs = 500 tracts)
  • Size of a normal business card (85mm x 55mm) 
  • It is blank on the back for writing notes (if needed)


Now with a QR code for mobile users!

You can say something like, "Free films, seen by millions, three are award-winning. I hope you enjoy them."

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Ardron
FullyFreeFilms.com Movie Card

A good item to give out with tract as a small gift after talking to someone, or to leave some where to be picked up.

Rikard Hellgren
Wrong web adress

Great films! But you should change the web address from fullyfreefilms.com to https://livingwaters.com/movies/ because the website doesn't exist.

Lillieth Miller

Thank you for producing these tracts, they are eye catching and a really good price. I love films so I think this would appeal to most people.

I used them as one of the gifts in our church open day take-home bags for adults and young people. I have not used them on the streets evangelism as yet but that's the next step.

New look cards are great

Nice recent update. Look eye catching. Easy to give. Really good price.

I love these! So easy to leave about/ giveaway

These are great. If you are concerned about giving a tract, try these. The films are super as they all have a presentation of the gospel. They are really cheap too. I try to always have some in my bag and coat pocket etc. I give to cashiers, couriers who deliver, leave in the bananas in the supermarket, in coffee shops on tables. Anywhere you can think of. People who work in shops seem particularly grateful when you you give them a card.
I say thanks for the great service, have a free film card! Nearly always received with appreciation.
These work well on the street too as a back up to what has been said, particularly if people are in a rush.
They look good too, well designed.