Evangelism Face Shield / Visor - With 2 Labels

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Contains the following:

  • 1 transparent visor (shield) with eye frame
  • 2 sticky labels


Shield Features

✔️ Conversation starter labels

We have created two sticky labels (included) which can be stuck onto the top of the shield. The "Are you a good person?" label is specifically designed to start conversations. People will be intrigued to take the good person test, to see if they can beat the 'less than 1%' record. They will come to learn that indeed less than 1% of people pass the test, it's 0%! For free evangelism training, go here

✔️ Easy to see

The plastic shield is double sided anti-fog and only loses 1% of light. All the while protecting 180 degrees of your face. Eye frame fits over your glasses.

✔️ Easy to talk

Communicating with people is much harder if they can't see your face, especially if your mouth is covered. Face shields are the solution to that problem. Additionally, face shields provide a sense of safety for those you talk to, so they can comfortably talk to you for longer.


Wearing a mask is now a legal requirement in many situations. Whether you agree with the requirement or not, this is yet another useful opportunity evangelise by simply walking around!

We have created two versions:

  1. Face shields - with evangelism stickers to place on top. Designed for conversations so people can see your face.
  2. Face masks - custom printed with our websites so you can share the Gospel as you walk around.


How to Prepare

  1. Peel off the protective film from visor
  2. Stick your favourite label onto the top of the visor (above the hole)
  3. Attach visor onto eye frame
  4. You're ready! Go for it!
  5. Had enough with one of the labels? Peel it off and stick on the other (peeling results may vary).

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