My Comfort is Jesus

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My Comfort Is Jesus contains 365 morning and evening devotions, prayers, and suggested Scripture readings to help you journey through the entire Bible in a year.

Imitation Leather | 736 pages | Ray Comfort | Take a sneak peek inside.

Commit your days to the Light of the World. Jesus is more than a role model or powerful historical figure. He is our hope and our joy. Our rock and our crown.

Start your morning with comfort and encouragement in Christ and end your day filled with the peace of his presence.

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Customer Reviews

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MCIJ devotional review

I purchased the first copy for myself shortly after the devotional was released and I have been encouraged and helped each day that I read the morning and evening readings. I bought two more copies later on as presents; one for my Sister and one for my niece (unfortunately I do not think they are being used at the moment but hope and pray that they will be in the near future).
A new "disciple of Jesus" friend of mine is looking to get baptised soon and thought a copy of MCIJ would make a nice and suitable present for her.
Hence I am about to place the order....
(Note to publishers in my copy I have come across the odd mistake, typo, etc and trust the the copy I will receive will be free of these, if not, I will be happy to let you know what these are, and are what pages I have found them on).
Thank you for this book Brother Ray.