The Frank Jenner Question MP4 download

The Frank Jenner Question MP4 download

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Meet Frank Jenner, a simple man with a profound question. It was 1941 at the height of WWII, when Frank felt prompted by God to approach 10 people per day on the streets of Sydney, Australia and politely ask one simple question: “If you died within 24 hours where would your soul be in eternity, Heaven or Hell?” The possibility of imminent death would not have seemed a remote one to the many soldiers and sailors who passed through Sydney harbor on their way to and from battle assignments and it was to members of the military that Frank was most drawn. This documentary examines how Jenner's straightforward and bold outreach led to the conversion of many and influenced evangelism methods for decades to come. What emerges is a portrait of a sincere and earnest man with a pure desire to reach those around him with the message that had changed his life. The lesson of the film is not necessarily to copy Jenner's approach but to listen and obey God's call to proclaim the gospel in the context in which we live.

Running Time: 44 minutes. File size: 382MB. A documentary by Gary Wilkinson. 

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