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IQ Godisnowhere

IQ Godisnowhere

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Quick Overview

This tract challenges the reader to read the word "GODISNOWHERE" out loud. There are two answers and either one allows you to start a conversation about God.

Number tracts in pack:100



Back Message:

Perhaps you read:"God is nowhere." It also says, "God is now here." 96% of Americans believe in God, but to many His presence isn't what it could be. The Bible says, "In Him we live and move and have our being," but we are separated from Him by our sins: "Sin" is the breaking of God's Law - the Ten Commandments. Let's see if you've "sinned": Have you ever lied (even a "white" lie) or stolen (the value is irrelevant)? Then you are a lying thief. If you've lusted, you've committed adultery in your heart. If you've hated someone, the Bible says you are a murderer. If you have broken any of the Ten Commandments, you are in big trouble. On Judgment Day you'll be found guilty, and end up in Hell. But God sent His Son to die on the Cross for you. Jesus took your punishment, and then defeated death by rising from the dead. God is now here, so repent today and trust the Savior, and you will receive the gift of everlasting life. Read the Bible daily and obey what you read.

Please note: The IQ cards are designed to help you start a conversation and get to know the beliefs of the person you are talking to. They are not recommended as a mass distribution gospel tract.

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