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The Adventures of Roman & Jorge

The Adventures of Roman & Jorge

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A fictionalized televison "serio-comedy" telling the story of two Christian men in their early thirties who begin to get out and share their faith for the first time.

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Lifelong friends become bungling partners in an adventure toward deeper Christianity that you won't soon forget. After the gangly, socially-awkward Roman decides to actually put into practice some teaching he heard on evangelism, comedy ensues as his street-wise, church-going, co-worker, Jorge, tries to get him to settle down and stop taking the Bible so literally.

Amidst the laughs, the serious moments will surprise you with their depth. So if you've ever thrown your family to the ground to avoid Jehovah's Witnesses at your door or been heckled by a ventriloquist and his dummy . . . this series is for you!

"I love 'Roman & Jorge'! It is unique, humorous, insightful, encouraging, and most importantly -- it will thoroughly equip you to share the biblical gospel." Ray Comfort

Episode 1: So a Guy is Walking Off a Cliff . . .
Episode 2: Yes, You're Right . . . It is Preachy
Episode 3: Then Comes Marriage
Episode 4: Yeah, That Doesn't Sound Too Friendly . . . (NEW)

NEW EPISODE! Episode 4 finds Roman and Jorge at odds with the Bible club at their old high school, but the frustrating meeting leads Roman to an unexpected witnessing encounter on public school grounds. Meanwhile, Jorge is more than troubled when he discovers his estranged wife, Lisa (new cast member Linda Isai), has a new neighbor.
Customer Reviews
reviewed by: eddiep78
June 20, 2012
So much fun, and so insightful. I can't wait for more episodes. I want to watch their adventures continue so, I hope people continue to give to this project so that the gospel can be taught in fun new exciting ways. Great for the Family...
reviewed by: jmarotta777
April 26, 2012
You have GOT to watch these episodes! The show deserves 10 stars! The production is excellent, acting is excellent, script is excellent, and it will equip you to share your faith. A very fun adventure that the whole family can watch. Please make more episodes! If you like the show, you can make a financial contribution to the production of more episodes by going to the Roman and Jorge website.
reviewed by: rscmt5
October 11, 2011
MORE PLEASE!!!! I cant wait to see more of these episodes. Finally, a true Family Friendly Comedy. This is a true depiction of pressing on when things dont go according to our plans. We LOVE it.
reviewed by: jasonjesusfreak
September 22, 2011
Just awesome!! Got it yesterday, watched all three and was on their website today hoping to see more episodes being produced.

I'd love to be able to watch an episode of Roman and Jorge every week like we have the opportunity to watch shows on network tv.

Please pass the DVD to others and please donate to their project...I know I will be!!

Jason Richmond, VA
reviewed by: EllyMcCall
August 01, 2011
This tv show is such a breath of fresh air in Christian programming! It is funny, encouraging in the faith, helpful with apologetics, and most importantly Biblical! I really, really enjoy it, and hope to see more SOON! May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified as He is exalted as the Savior of wretched sinners like us...and may God be pleased to use this program to compel us Christians to be faithful to the Great Commission.

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