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Springboards for budding Preachers Download

Springboards for budding Preachers Download

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Quick Overview

This is the download page of a 113-page PDF containing open-air transcripts by Ray Comfort and Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne. Comes with other free videos and audio files!



This download includes the following files:

- Springboards For Budding Preachers.pdf
This PDF contains transcripts of dozens of those open-air preaching sessions which we hope will help you to better reach the lost in your area.

For more than two and a half years, Ray Comfort and Emeal ("E.Z.") Zwayne, preached the gospel on public property in front of a courthouse in Bellflower, California. Each day they were able to share with forty to sixty people who were waiting in line to enter the building. During that time an estimated 30,000 people heard the gospel. However, on Friday September 30, 2005, a Los Angeles judge issued a court order forbidding free speech on public soil - not only outside of the Bellflower Courts but on the grounds of more than forty courthouses in Los Angeles County. Fortunately, our sound-man Stuart Scott had recorded the last twenty-nine days of the preaching.

- 21 Points for Street Preaching & Personal Witnessing.mp4
Good general tips for both street preaching (the right way) and personal witnessing complete with videos snippets included FREE with this download.

- Tips for Open-Air Preaching.pdf:
Adapted from The World’s Greatest Preachers by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron. Throughout history God has used open-air preachers to bring the Gospel to the multitudes. There are right and wrong ways to preach in the open-air, but like swimming, you can’t really learn until you “take the plunge”. This sheet contains helpful tips for anyone who desires to preach the Gospel publicly to those outside the church's walls.

- Springboards For Budding
MP3 messages packed with illustrations and springboards for open-air preachers, so you can learn how to speak boldly while we still have an opportunity.

For more than two and a half years, Ray Comfort and Emeal Zwayne (General Manager of The Way of the Master and Living Waters Publications) preached the gospel open-air to the crowds waiting daily outside the courtroom in Bellflower, California. During that time, an estimated 30,000 people heard the gospel. On September 30, 2005, a Los Angeles County judge issued a court order forbidding public speaking, affecting not only this court but the grounds of more than forty courtrooms in L.A. County, despite the fact that it is public soil. Fortunately, our sound man Stuart Scott recorded the last 28 days of the preaching which is included FREE in this download.

You've Violated God's Law
California Girl
Evil Roy Slade
Falling Boxes
How Could I Have Missed?
I Am the Centre of the Universe”
Jesus Christ Superstar
John Wayne's Real Name
Mexican Eye Peckers
No Strings Attached
One of the Dumbest Statements
Parking Tickets
Spitless Natives
The $50 Cat
The A-Frame Roof
The Bible and All It Contains
The Cat Up The Tree
The Chickens and the Curve
The Fly
The World's Most Valuable Commodity
The Persistent Spider
The Wrong Apartment
The Wrong Key
Tomatoes & Classical Music
Unique. Just like Everyone Else
You Can't Roller-Skate in a Buffalo Herd
Judas Was in Charge of the Finances
Cutting the Cord
Grasping His Greatness
He Healed Our Wounds
Lord, Lord
On The Brink of Eternity
Setting the Standard
The Invincibility Complex
The Medium
Transforming Touch
True Value
What Will It Profit?
Who Can Tell Me?
The Mirror of the Law

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