Solving The God Puzzle

Solving The God Puzzle

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Imagine you are shipwrecked alone on a deserted tropical island, running a blistering fever and coughing so violently your lungs ache. Nothing but a few pieces of luggage have washed ashore, one of which contains a bottle of pills with a note that says “These tablets will either cure all tropical diseases or kill you on the spot. I’m not sure which.” You don’t know what you should do, so you decide to do nothing and hope for the best.

Paperback | 44 pages | Tom Hammond | Read the book

That’s what a lot people do when it comes to the question of God’s existence. Believing it’s like a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat that isn’t there, they conclude that finding the truth about God’s existence is either impossible or so unlikely that it’s not worth trying.

But is it really that hopeless? Is solving the puzzle about whether or not God exists really that difficult? I hope you stick around to find out. If it turns out we can find a solution, nothing less than your eternal destination is at stake.

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