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Joe Average DVD

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Joe is a typical atheist. He doesn't think much about the incredible creation that surrounds him, let alone the unspeakably incredible Creator who created him. Even though God gave him life, if you asked Joe if God had ever done anything for him, he probably couldn't think of one thing. Each sunrise just reveals typical day for Joe Average. Well . . . not quite. There is nothing "average" about Joe or what he does each day. You will be delighted and encouraged by "Joe Average," because he will make you see everything in a miraculous new light. 

This DVD is priced to be able to give away to the unsaved.

Previous Customer Reviews

reviewed by: jself
September 29, 2012
This is a fantastic video...It first drops the guard that non-believers put up when confronted with religious materials, and then reveals the truth of God, the condemnation of the Law and the Gospel of Christ. Very high production quality compared to other videos of it's kind.

reviewed by: isantaella
August 01, 2011
I'm giving these away with my favorite booklet so far (An Atheist Asks the Question: Ray, Are You Afraid to Die? - from the Tracts category in the Store) inside of it. I like how this video emphasizes the complexity of God's Creation and helps people realize how involved He is with us daily.It then ties it to His moral character and leaves us with the sobering reality that we've fallen short and need His grace. GREAT investment!

reviewed by: tomfrost
December 11, 2010
Fantastic DVD. This DVD is very thought provoking. I ordered 25 of the "Why Christianty" and 1 "Joe Average". After watching both I am ordering 25 "Joe Average" DVD's to give away also. The gospel of Jesus Christ is very clear in both videos. This is my favorite. Great witnessing video.

reviewed by: hayedid
December 01, 2010
A+ What a great DVD to give away! A well presented Gospel presentation with a great introduction. 

The review about unnecessary parts probably referred to the foul mouthed guy. This part was well edited (no idea what he cussed and couldn't accidentally lip read). Unfortunately, in witnessing, you will come across people just like this guy. Its good to be reminded of that. I, personally, thought this fact and the guys thoughts were appropriately portrayed.

reviewed by: ohyan2912
November 26, 2010
Absolutely EXCELLENT! This is a very thought provoking and very enjoyable vid. I have given a copy to all my Sunday school students with instructions to watch it with their families.

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