Jake's Fortune

Jake's Fortune

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A novel by Ray Comfort (with Anna Jackson), 331 pages.

Take a look inside by downloading the first chapter: SNEAK PEEK 

Jake Forster allows bitterness to consume him as he watches the life of his father drain out of a bullet hole. His mother's continued faith in the God who allowed this, is salt in an open wound. And the situation only worsens when he discovers that his father was killed over gold. Meanwhile, Catrina Salterson, a struggling saloon girl, is about to get a second chance on life. 

Jake's Fortune will sweep you up into these intertwining lives as it explores the reconciliation of the problem of evil with a loving God, as well as the difference between religiosity and being genuinely reborn. 

""I downloaded this book on my Kindle and didn't know what to expect. I've read almost all of Ray Comfort's books, but his books are all nonfiction. I wasn't sure how good his fiction would be. After reading, I have to say--it was awesome. I'm inclined to say one of the best books I've ever read. Right up there with Frank Peretti and his Darkness books. As I read, the pages carried me away into the old west. It was descriptive, informative, funny. After I read it I started reading to my little brother, and I"m going to pass it around. Whatever dirty comments atheists could muster up against this book, the book is still great. Heck, an honest atheist will tell you: if there was no gospel message, the book's story would still be awesome."" Allen Diaz 

"I began reading [Jake's Fortune] last night and found it extremely difficult to put down. After reading through the first 200 pages, I reluctantly put it down only because it was after 1 am and I needed to sleep. First thing I did this morning was grab your book because I HAD to know how it ended! What a wonderful work. Your story kept me completely interested in each character. The different story lines happening at the same time really kept my interest and kept the book moving. There were no 'slow' or boring spots in it at all. I laughed out loud a few times. Other times I choked back a few tears. I really loved it!. It was such a joy to read. It was exciting and held my interest from the first chapter to the very end. It's an exciting book that people need to read and pass around to friends.” Joe Marotta (CA). 

Customer Reviews

reviewed by: Weedspad2839
November 15, 2013
I was honestly shocked at how riveting it is. Our 11 year old son, Jake, read through it in three (school) nights! He said he had a really hard time putting it down. He would have probably read it through all in the first night if I had let him! My husband and I both read it and couldn't agree more. It's not just an "entertaining" read, but it has a much deeper purpose. We would all HIGHLY recommend you read it! Can't wait for Ray's next novel! Blessings friends!

reviewed by: dpvollmer
May 13, 2010
I download the Kindle PC version of this book today and was able to read it in one sitting. I do not usually like fiction but this book is really great!

The story may be fiction but the message is not. Buy it for those who may not be saved but who like to read books. It will appeal to young and old alike.

I can't wait for a sequel.

reviewed by: Jewel
March 28, 2010
Get this book! It's not only a great read, but also a great teaching tool-the authors did a wonderful job at interweaving Spurgeon's teachings within the story. Plus, having samples of his teachings at the end is an extra bonus!

reviewed by: Spooksam
March 03, 2010
Not a big fiction fan, but this was amazing! A real page turner! I would love to see it made into a movie!!

reviewed by: momof6gifts
February 15, 2010
Love the book! Need another one now, I am hooked and want to see a what happends next. The absolute best historical fiction book that I have ever read. Thanks for writing such a wonderful Christian novel.

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