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  1. Key Ring IQ Test

    Try our new experimental item! These IQ Keyrings are great for breaking the ice and serves well as a reminder to share the Gospel every time you reach for your keys. Number of Keyrings in packaging: 1... More detail
  2. Light of the World Pen new

    Light of the World Pen

    This twist-action pen with light-up imprint truly shines. When you click on the stylus, the text engraved into the side glows, illuminating Jesus’ words: “‘I am the light of the world.’ John 8:12.” Pens per quantity: 1... More detail
  3. NOW Clock hot

    NOW Clock

    Regular Price: £10.00

    Special Price £4.99

    It's so easy to forget the urgency of the great commission. Remind yourself minute-by-minute to preach the gospel in season and out of season. A great gift for others also, including your youth leader or pastor. Number of clocks per quantity: 1... More detail
  4. Open Air Trivia Book new

    Open Air Trivia Book

    This open-air tool is packed with crowd-gathering questions like “What is the world’s most popular beer? Candy bar? Cookie? Toy? Then allows you to springboard into the gospel based on the last answer being "The Bible".... More detail
  5. Pressed Pennies

    Here is another way to get the Ten Commandments into the hands of the unsaved and spark conversation. Number of coins in pack:100... More detail
  6. Raising Godly Children in an Ungodly World - Parenting Study Kit

    Leaving a Lasting Legacy. Items in Pack: 2 books and 5 DVDs... More detail
  7. Save Yourself Some Pain

    A booklet designed for follow-up of a new convert or young Christian. Number of booklets in pack:1... More detail
  8. Scientific Facts in the Bible - Booklet (CLEARANCE) sales

    Scientific Facts in the Bible - Booklet (CLEARANCE)

    Regular Price: £0.50

    Special Price £0.40

    As low as: £0.15
    This booklet covers amazing scientific truths written thousands of years before they were discovered by man. Number of booklets per quantity: 1... More detail
  9. Ten Commandment Coins

    A coin containing the Ten Commandments plus a gospel message. Number of coins in pack:50... More detail
  10. Ten Commandments Gift Coin

    This coin has the Ten Commandments on one side, the gospel on the other and can be easily read from any angle. They make for an excellent springboard into the gospel and also a wonderful gift. Number of coins in pack:1... More detail
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