Nothing Created Everything

Nothing Created Everything

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(Hardcover, 222 pages) 

"The fact that life evolved out of nearly nothing, some 10 billion years after the universe evolved out of literally nothing - is a fact so staggering that I would be mad to attempt words to do it justice."
Richard Dawkins 

"[Ray Comfort is] an ignorant fool."
Richard Dawkins 

While atheist Richard Dawkins is arguably the modern poster boy for Charles Darwin, both men have something radically keeps them separate. Darwin believed in the existence of God. In The Origin of Species he refers to creation as the “works of God,” and calls God the “Creator” an amazing seven times. Richard Dawkins believes Darwin was a genius, yet claims, “The more you understand the significance of evolution, the more you are pushed away from the agnostic position and towards atheism.” It seems Professor Dawkins thinks Charles Darwin didn't understand the significance of his own theory. Perhaps the genius Darwin had was his insistence that this creation is the work of the Almighty God. 

Just months after the 2009 discovery of the supposed "missing link", author Ray Comfort turns the tables on evolutionists. In Nothing Created Everything,, he systematically puts the evidence for evolution under a microscope and shows it simply doesn't hold up. 

The book demonstrates that when it comes to explaining how life began, atheists and evolutionists offer faith and no facts. Ironically, atheists insist nothing created everything - a scientific impossibility. 

In a conversational tone, this book speaks to both atheists and believers and urges this discussion be based on hard evidence. And when it is, people will realize evolution is a theory that cant be tested or measured and therefore can't be scientific. 

Nothing Created Everything ( reviews):
"This work was better than excellent."
"Ray does it again! Nothing created everything is another solid, enjoyable read, only by Mr. Comfort! I highly recommend to the skeptic, the believer, or the atheist."
"Congratulations, Ray, for simply, lightheartedly and very rationally stating the obvious in this wonderful book. The title alone displays in three simple words the gross irrationality of atheistic science."
"The book presents another side of this issue, is factual and very well written! Read it and the Evolution dogma will fall like a house of cards...enter a new paradigm!"
Customer Reviews

reviewed by: Callieg
August 06, 2010
Some people can be told the truth and still not believe. Ex. You tell some that the storm is coming and they better get somewhere safe. And yet they stay and their house and it collapse on them and they die. They are blind to the fact of their pride and stupidity.

reviewed by: Vicpat
August 06, 2010
How can man be smarter than their creator, who even created their ability to think and to reason?
To fear God is the beginning of wisdom.

reviewed by: adagioforsoccer
November 15, 2009
This is definitely the best book I have ever read

reviewed by: Anonymous
November 10, 2009
It is phenomenal to me how even intelligent people keep their white-knuckled grip on atheism in the face of all evidence to the contrary! There is no evidence whatsoever to prove there is no Creator God, and an abundance of evidence to prove there is.

Even Darwin himself never attempted to prove the non-existence of a divine Creator!

The ideas that our universe exploded out of virtually nothing all by itself and that life on earth sprung from non-life all by itself are both preposterous!

reviewed by: Anonymous
October 16, 2009
First of all, no scientist or atheist for that matter says "Nothing made everything." Maybe, Ray, you should ignore your blind faith and look into Big Bang Theory or read a non-bais science text-book. (Which you loathe) 

To refute your logic is like talking to a brick wall. You a
't going to change your opinion. In that case blind faith is by definition close-minded.

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