Celebrity Door Hanger

Celebrity Door Hanger

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Clearance item - once they're gone, they're gone forever!

Sold in packs of 100 (eg 5 packs = 500 tracts)

Printed on glossy, light-weight card, this eye-catching gospel tract can be hung on a door. 

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reviewed by: CraigK
August 30, 2013
I just ordered my first batch and I absolutely love these tracts! There are so many apartment buildings in my area that I could never distribute enough of these. My only complaint, and not really a complaint at all is that the glossy finish makes it hard to write something in the little box provided on the back. A sharpie works fairly well, but still a little difficult.

reviewed by: dar_diaz
January 30, 2013
i love this tract and its very attractive...it would be very nice if they could also have this in spanish...thank you and God Bless Living Waters ministry.i pray that God will continue to use this ministry to reach out many people.to GOD be all the glory.

reviewed by: melaniee
July 30, 2011
That has been my experience with tracts also: people *know* what they are and dont want to take them. There is an apartment complex near my home that is built like a hotel.. long halls with lots of entryways, these tracts can be passed out by the hundreds (and there are 3 floors in this complex) at a time very quickly. Great tool.

reviewed by: ilovetolearnfrench
January 16, 2011
My daughter and I love these tracts because we can easily hang 100 of them on doors, whereas when we try to hand other tracts to people while passing by them in person, half the time they refuse to take whatever you're trying to hand them. These door hangars force them to take them into their house, and they don't have the look of a religious tract, so they are more likely to get read. Love this tool!!!

reviewed by: krystalokehie
December 19, 2010
These tracts are awesome!!!! Clear gospel presentation and short to the point....This is my second time ordering...and the tracts are great quality!!!

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