Scientific Facts in the Bible - Booklet (CLEARANCE)

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(24 page booklet) Does the Bible tell us about the dinosaur and why it disappeared? Does it also speak of the earth's free float is space, as well as contain many other incredible scientific truths written thousands of years before man discovered them? If so, how did such knowledge get into the Bible?
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reviewed by: teedub295
November 26, 2010
Excellent book, I'm going to order more. However, you left out telomeres!!! Telomeres are on the tips of our chromosomes, like the plastic tips of shoelaces. They grow shorter every time our chromosomes split and replicate over a lifetime of normal living. That's how we die of old age, when the telomeres give out. It's been estimated that the telomeres last no longer than 120 years. Sound familiar? Check out Genesis 6:3!

reviewed by: ohyan2912
November 26, 2010
I really like this it is what I use to reach the rough and tumble men in industrial construction. These are the most cynical and profane men in all construction but of the those I have given this to NONE have turned it down! Thanks for such an affordable and effective tool for sharing the Good News.

reviewed by: kao09
June 05, 2010
EXCELLENT booklet! I got it for a relative who has a college degree in science and is a skeptic. I read it and ended up keeping it. I like that these science facts are easily obtained in this booklet, so I ended up using it as a reference guide for witnessing opportunities and am going to get another for my relative. I am a nurse and teach in the medical field so come in contact with many scientific minded people.

reviewed by: geoffrey
May 24, 2010
Well written and researched BUT on your site it doesn't mention that the references are in the King James Version - yes this is a much loved/trusted version but my Sunday School kids do not speak like that and it's very difficult to understand PLEASE can you use a modern version (NIV, RSV, Good News etc etc). Your own books are in easily understood english why not this booklet??

reviewed by: Anonymous
October 29, 2009
Great book! I love Jesus.

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