Are You Afraid to Die? - Booklet

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An Atheist Asks the Question: "Ray, Are You Afraid of Dying?" 

(3.5" x 5" booklet, 24 pages) 

When celebrities die, we are reminded that each of us has an appointment to keep -- an appointment with death. But if you have ever felt a sense of dread when it comes to dying, you are not alone -- you are a normal human being with a God-given will to live. 

This booklet will help you. Please read it carefully. 

Previous Customer Reviews

reviewed by: stoneridge
May 14, 2013
This just says it the way it is for all of us.Living in a University city of Dunedin NZ,this will relate to the young students busy with making a career in life.Many of the students don't give any thought to the life they have and how short it could be, living for the moment and what the social lifestyle brings.A timely wakeup call just might remind some of their mortality.Grant Rissman Dunedin NZ.

reviewed by: hopefulforJESUS
August 04, 2012
The booklet is very nice, and I absoluty loved the cartoons of the famous people! The way Ray communicates the infomation is so cool. All of ray's things are bring many to the LORD, but this just seems...better for some reason. Though having a prayer for people to pray is questionable, the over message of the tract is whats important (in my opinion). The price is also very low, and i love how livingwaters even keeps low prices when in times of finantial need.

reviewed by: GACollinson
October 15, 2010
I think it's a great booklet to open our eyes to the fact that tomorrow is not promised to us. Acceptance of God's gift of Christ Jesus is something that should be done now. Powerful message with pictures of those who have died early.

reviewed by: donnymcclintock
March 03, 2010
Yes, we will die and it's natural to fear the unknown, BUT with God's promises we CAN and WILL have victory through Jesus.

reviewed by: shinyone
March 02, 2010
Very well written and from the heart! The only thing that concerns me is the use of a "prayer" I liked it when Ray would point sinners to Psalm 51 as their prayer. Since there are so many false converts I would stay away from any pre-formulated prayer. This video sums it all up: follow up the video by reading the book "The Graham Formula" by Patrick Mcintyre EXCELLENT BOOK for all Evangelists!

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