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Simply best books to learn how to share your faith. Biblical, practical and effective.
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  1. Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith

    Regular Price: £15.99

    Special Price £8.00

    Do you have a burning desire to share the gospel with the lost but don't know where to start? This book will show you how. Number of books in pack:1... More detail
  2. Hell's Best Kept Secret (Book)

    Regular Price: £14.99

    Special Price £9.99

    Learn why so many of those making professions of faith are turning away. It is vital that we return to Biblical evangelism. Number of books in pack:1 (may come in an alternate cover design)... More detail
  3. How to Win Souls and Influence People

    Very comprehensive "how-to" publication on effective evangelism. Practical and easy to understand. Number of books in pack:1... More detail
  4. Luther Gold (Pure, Refined) - Book

    Luther wrote, Faith is a living, daring confidence in God's grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times. Number of books per quantity: 1... More detail
  5. Out of the Comfort Zone

    Regular Price: £6.99

    Special Price £4.99

    Ray Comfort's autobiography shows you how to step out of your own comfort zone... and reach the lost! Number of books in pack:1... More detail
  6. School of Biblical Evangelism - Book (New) new

    School of Biblical Evangelism - Book (New)

    A comprehensive study course - 101 lessons on subjects ranging from Christian doctrine to dealing with cults. Number of books per quantity: 1... More detail
  7. Thanks a Million!

    Regular Price: £14.99

    Special Price £7.99

    This book's sole purpose is to teach you what to say, how to say it, and then to send you out on your own million dollar witnessing adventure. Number of books in pack: 1... More detail
  8. The Blue Book on Evangelism

    Regular Price: £12.99

    Special Price £9.99

    More than 140 questions and answers about the most important of topics. This handy primer presents the basics of witnessing — the who, what, when, where, why, and how.... More detail
  9. The Way of the Master for Kids

    Regular Price: £15.99

    Special Price £7.90

    What should you tell your children if they come home from school saying that the Bible is fairy tales and science proves man came from monkeys? Number of books in pack:1... More detail
  10. Tough Questions Study Guide new

    Tough Questions Study Guide

    Designed for use with "Tough Questions," this comprehensive Study Guide includes discussion questions, equipping answers, homework assignments, at-home bible study, and witnessing how-to.... More detail
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