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Biblical information, at your own pace.
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  1. 101 of the Dumbest things People Have Done

    Have you ever whacked your thumb with a hammer, hit your head on an open door, or bitten your lip? Maybe you've done all three at once. Number of books in pack:1... More detail
  2. 101 Things Dogs Do To Annoy Their Owners

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price £3.99

    Ideal for dog lovers and the lost, with humorous, full-colour cartoons and the Gospel message. Number of books in packaging:1... More detail
  3. 101 Things Husbands Do to Annoy Their Wives

    Regular Price: £9.99

    Special Price £4.99

    This humorous book gives rational explanations to one of life's great mysteries: why men do the annoying things they do. Number of books in pack:1... More detail
  4. Audacity: A Novel

    A novelization of the award-winning film "Audacity" with additional character insights, photos from the making of the film. Plus an in-depth interview with Ray Comfort. Number of books per quantity: 1... More detail
  5. Banana Man | Ray Comfort

    Regular Price: £14.99

    Special Price £7.49

    Paperback | 144 pages | Ray Comfort | Take a sneak peek inside. What do you do when the world’s most famous atheist mocks and insults you on international television, in universities, and throughout social media? You look to the Bible and see how Jo... More detail
  6. Behind the Scenes

    A high-quality, full-color publication that takes you behind the scenes of the filming of the first two seasons of the show. Over 500 photos. Number of books in pack: 1... More detail
  7. Buried Alive

    Fascinated by Neanderthal Man for over two decades, the author fashioned a research book that will clutch the attention of scientists and laypersons alike and tell a shocking story. Discover the startling truth!... More detail
  8. Changing Hearts and Minds About Life's Hot-button Issues

    Regular Price: £11.99

    Special Price £5.99

    It seems that no two human beings can agree about anything, and yet the irony is that we all think that we are right about whatever we believe. But occasionally something comes along that makes us do a 180. Number of books in pack:1... More detail
  9. Conquer Your Fear, Share Your Faith

    Regular Price: £15.99

    Special Price £8.00

    Do you have a burning desire to share the gospel with the lost but don't know where to start? This book will show you how. Number of books in pack:1... More detail
  10. Einstein, God, & the Bible

    The genius scientist everyone knows may be the least understood - until now. Ray Comfort explores the life and beliefs of the world's most iconic man of science. Number of books in packaging:1... More detail
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