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IQ Count the F's

IQ Count the F's

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This tract challenges the reader to find all the F's in the sentence in the box. Then has questions on the back to help you determine what they believe.

Number of tracts in pack:100



Read this sentence. Now count aloud the F's in the box. Count them only once; DO NOT LOOK BACK AND COUNT THEM AGAIN. If you think you are right, look on the back.

Back Message:
There are six. Most people find only three. Here is another intelligence test. Answer Yes or No OUT LOUD: 1/ Is there a God? 2/ Does God care about right and wrong? 3/ Are God's standards the same as ours? 4/ Will God punish sin? 5/ Is there a Hell? 6/ Do you avoid Hell by living a good life? The answers are 1/ Yes. 2/ Yes. 3/ No. 4/ Yes. 5/ Yes 6/ No. You can't afford to be wrong. Find out the truth - ask God to forgive your sins, then trust Jesus Christ. He took your punishment by dying on the Cross for you. Then He rose from the dead. Read the Bible daily and obey what you read . . . God will never let you down.

Please note: The IQ cards are designed to help you start a conversation and get to know the beliefs of the person you are talking to. They are not recommended as a mass distribution gospel tract.

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