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"180" Baby Replica

"180" Baby Replica

Availability: Out of stock


Availability: Out of stock

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These tiny, solid resin replicas are used in schools and pregnancy centers to educate and show expecting moms what a 12-week old pre-born baby looks like.

Includes: 1 Baby + 1 Pack of tracts



This realistic, life-size scale model (2.5 inches) of a 12-week-old preborn baby is ideal for dispelling the notion that a first-trimester baby is simply a "bunch of cells." This is not a lightweight plastic model, but is made of solid resin that has "weight" to it, adding to its authenticity, and is hand-painted for further realism. This model can be used in educational settings, as well as outside of abortion clinics. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a "180" Baby is worth a thousand pictures!

Also included in the purchase price is one free pack (100 copies) of our 180 In The Womb baby tracts to start conversations with those considering abortion, show them the "180 Baby" fetal model, then leave them with a pro-life gospel message to save both lives and souls.

"We used one of those this Saturday at Planned Parenthood and shared the gospel with this professor named Dave. We showed him this 12-week baby and he could not deny that it was human! Praise God for these models!" Caroline Pilgrim
Customer Reviews
reviewed by: shutterkat
April 02, 2012
I purchased this item a month ago directly from the woman who makes them. It is very high quality and extremely detailed. It is also adorable and I carry it around in my purse and whenever I can, I bring it out and show people and explain that this is a model of a 10week pre-born baby, the age when most babies are aborted. It is especially effective with teens. They are completely drawn to it.
reviewed by: sciencesplat
March 27, 2012
I love this visual way to show how wonderfully and fearfully we're made by Him in the womb - so perfect and formed even from so early on.

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